About Promitsio

Product Information

Promitsio Coffee provides you with a great range of coffees for enjoyment at home or in the office.

Our coffees are made from high quality coffee beans and are freshly roasted in SE Qld.

Your coffee will be shipped fresh every time to suit your requirements, so whether you need whole beans or coffee freshly ground for your coffee equipment, Promitsio is here to help ensure you have great coffee… every time.

Being devoted coffee addicts, we are constantly testing our products to ensure every coffee will help make your day rich with caffeine and enjoyment. To achieve this, we drink a lot of coffee (maybe a little too much)… some call it caffeine addiction – we call it quality control and a love of great coffee.

To assist with continuing to improve our service, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Look forward to catching up over your next coffee…




Ian & the Promitsio Coffee team.


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