Product Information

With Promitsio, your coffee not only improves your day, but proceeds are also invested into our community involvement to improve the lives of others.

Alongside the launch of our new site in 2012, Promitsio made a strategic choice to invest in School Chaplaincy in Queensland. Through our website and events, Promitsio has a commitment to resource the work of chaplaincy in our schools and recognises the key role that chaplains play within the support mechanism of our school communities. It is our goal that this support will further the work of chaplaincy in our schools and we deem it a great privilege to make a positive impact through our coffee.

As part of this commitment, Promitsio has dedicated one of our premium blends to the support of chaplaincy. To see details, take a look at our Chappy Blend

Should you have any queries about our community involvement or are interested in talking to us about how we may be able to work with your community group, please click here to contact us

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