Promitsio Chappy Blend

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Promitsio's Chappy Blend is a velvety smooth medium bodied blend that resonates with natural sweetness. Every purchase also contributes directly to the work of school chaplaincy

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Promitsio’s Chappy Blend has been developed for a high calibre coffee experience whose lingering sweetness makes this an ideal coffee for any time of day.

Created from a high quality four bean blend of AA and Grade 1 coffee beans, including from the Colombian Supremo Bachue Co-Op (owned by local coffee growers and benefiting the local community), this blend is noted for its medium, soft body and refined subtleties.

From the first taste, the velvety smoothness and natural sweetness are a signature of the refinement and balance of this premium blend. From there, Chappy Blend has a quality richness that finishes with a pleasant lingering.


Aside from the calibre of the blend itself, Promitsio has dedicated Chappy Blend to be our signature blend in support of local school chaplaincies, with each bag purchased resulting in a direct financial contribution into the work of school chaplaincy. School chaplains play a key support  role in local school communities and are a great resource to students and staff alike. We consider it a privilege to be able to extend the great experience of your coffee past what goes into the cup and invest in the emerging generation in our schools. It is our hope, that this blend makes a lasting positive impact to all involved.

Enjoy the coffee and partnering with us to make a difference!

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